Surreal Scenes (Color & Design)

The students in Color & Design were challenged to create an original indoor or outdoor scene using one or two point perspective in the style of Surrealist artists such as Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, and Man Ray.


Haunted Houses (Art 7: creative project #2)

These awesome and creepy haunted houses were created by the students in Art 7. We practiced architecture, perspective, and texture as well as using foreground, middle ground, and background to create depth within the images. All of these important artistic tools were incorporated into the creepy, just in time for Halloween, haunted houses!

Abstract Sculptures (Art 8: creative project #7)

The students in art 8 focused on the artistic behavior “collaboration” by working with classmates to create abstract sculptures. The challenge for this project was to create an original artwork that was abstract (which we defined as an artwork that focuses on shape, form, color, and texture and cannot be named) sculpture that was at least as big as our fish tank, and had drawing or painting on it somewhere. These sculptures are so unique. Each group did a great job working together to explore new materials and techniques.