Self Portraits (Studio Art: creative project #4)

The students in Studio Art used the traditional grid method to create self-portraits.


Layers (Studio Art: creative project #1)

The students in Studio Art began the year working with the complex theme layers. They were challenged to create an artwork that expressed their interests or personality using layers. This could be interpreted as layers of their personalities or by using layers to create the artwork itself. The students were given a choice of media and technique. They also focused on the artist behavior “artists communicate.” The finished artworks are as unique as the artists themselves.

Book Art (Studio Art: creative project #10)

The students in Studio Art were challenged to create an artwork by either repurposing an existing book or making a handmade book. They came up with a wide range of different solutions to this challenge. Some students transformed books so that they have a new function. Other students carved, covered, folded, or painted existing books for the purpose of decoration.  Some ambitious students even created books from scratch and filled the pages with their own artwork. Check it out…