Pop Culture Mashups (Art 8: creative project #4)

Mashups can be found everywhere right now from music to visual art. Students see mashups on pinterest, tumblr, youtube, and tv shows. They are a popular form of fan art because the artist can take a well known character and mix it with another, basically inserting their favorites from two separate worlds and creating a space where they exist together. The “new” character can take on the characteristics of another with small changes in appearance such as costume, body build, or hairstyle.

Up & Hulk

Up & Hulk

Pocahontas as Katniss

Pocahontas as Katniss

Some fan art takes characters from movies or shows and draws it in the style of another artist:

Frozen,  Tim Burton style

Frozen, Tim Burton style

Mashups are a cool and creative way to honor your favorite character or artist without copying copy written characters. Take a look at these student created mashups:



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