For this assignment, students were challenged to create a portrait that morphed a human with an animal. The students were originally asked to create self-portraits, however, some students asked if they could create portraits of a friend or celebrity. We discussed animal symbolism in various cultures and how symbolism would effect the meaning of their portraits. The students were then asked to identify a trait in the personality of the person that they wanted to illustrate and then research animal symbolism to find an animal that represents that trait. As a class, we also discussed metamorphosis and how the idea could be applied to their portraits. We also looked at the artwork of four contemporary artists for inspiration. The artists were April Alayne, Peony Yip, Russ Mills, and Charlotte Caron.


The students were given a choice of medium ranging from pencil, colored pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor, photography, collage, marker, and pen & ink. Most students chose to use a pencil/colored pencil combination but I was happy to see some students experimenting with other media.

Link to assignment presentation


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